5 Best Metaverse Cryptos for 2022 to Buy Now

5 Best metaverse coin

Best Metaverse Coins to Buy for 2022

People are talking about Metaverse crypto projects everywhere these days. At its most basic level, cryptocurrency and virtual reality work hand in hand, yet this is still an emerging business that needs to prove itself.

There’s a surge of metaverse projects right now, all competing to determine the future of both metaverse cryptocurrency and the nature of digital real estate. Of course, history shows that not all metaverse projects will succeed, so it’s always worth keeping a watch on the finest ones.

After Facebook, renamed to meta last year metaverses were the talk of the town. Metaverses are virtual environments where you can explore, meet people, go to concerts, visit galleries, and do many of the same things you would do in real life.

They each have their own economies, which are frequently based on cryptocurrency tokens. If you are, are scared about missing out on the metaverse, don’t be.

In today’s post, we’ll discuss the five best metaverse crypto projects and why you should keep an eye on them in 2022.

1. RedFox’s Native Token RFOX

RFOX was created by RedFox laboratories, a technology firm currently working in a virtual retail environment. The team hopes to make RFOX the global leader in immersive metaverse experiences for retail, media games, and rewards.

RFOX tokens are used to purchase land and virtual goods, while VFox serves as the ecosystem’s incentive currency. Because the team is far from finished, RFOX is a metaverse project to keep an eye on in 2022.

The team is currently working on a variety of products, including RFOX, finance, and RFOX games. These items are intended to supplement the final metaverse of our RFOX token current price.

The RFOX token is now trading at 6.30 cents, down from its all-time high of 37.78 cents by 83.3 percent. It is still almost 447 percent higher than its all-time low price of 1.15 cents. RFOX currently has a market capitalization of more than 91 million dollars.


2. Star Atlas (ATLAS)

One of the crown jewels of the metaverse is Star Atlas. It’s a Solana-powered metaverse game with a dual token economy to ensure that it’s one of the best in the cryptocurrency market.

The company plans to mix blockchain, real-time visuals, multiplayer video games, and decentralized financial systems. Star Atlas is still in its early phases, but the community is enthusiastic about it.

Star Atlas is the game that will revolutionize crypto gaming and push it to the next level. By combining professional game production and blockchain technology.  

The Atlas token is now trading at 5.20 cents, down more than 80% from its all-time high of 26.75 cents set on September 4th, 2021. The cryptocurrency has a market valuation of roughly 113 million dollars, up only 26.5 percent from its all-time low of 4.17 cents.

3. Epik Prime (EPIK)

Epik prime is an NFT platform that collaborates with major gaming companies, as well as major entertainment, IP, and brands to develop in-game NFT items and marketplaces. Epik is distinct from the other projects on this list, in that it assists businesses in-licensing and producing NFTs, as well as immersive blockchain-powered in-game experiences.

In terms of empowering early-stage blockchain games, the Epik prime team is regarded as one of the industry pioneers. It aids in the mainstreaming of these programs.

The Epik coin is now trading at 14.89 cents, down 82.8 percent from its all-time high of 86.57 cents set on November 17th, 2021. From an all-time low of 8.57 cents, cryptocurrency has risen 73.7 percent. It has a market capitalization of approximately 34 million dollars.

 4. Metahero

Metahero bills itself as the portal to the metaverse. The project intends to use ultra HD photogrammetric scanning technology to attract the next 10 million cryptocurrency users to work on its project. Metahero collaborated with Wolf studio, a leader in the 3d scanning industry.

The team’s integration of meta scanners into the metaverse generates a plethora of use cases such as 3d printing scanning networks and in-game character development. The Metahero team has already released 4k HD scanners but is currently working on a 16 K ultra HD upgrade hero token.

The price of the Hero token is currently 5.48 cents, down 78.2 percent from its all-time high of 25.20 cents. The cryptocurrency has a market valuation of more than 280 million dollars, up 923.5 percent from its all-time low of 0.5370 cents.

5. Bloktopia’s native token Blok

Polygon developed and maintains Bloktopia, a decentralized metaverse. One of the world’s largest blockchains Bloktopia intends to provide the crypto community with a matched VR experience by bringing users together in a single immersive and entertaining space.

Because of its tremendous sponsorship, It is one of the must-see ventures in 2022. Bloktopia has drawn the attention of investors such as Animoca brands, leading cryptocurrency startups, such as Kucoin, CoinMarketCap, and Coingecko have already established virtual offices within Bloktopia.

Bloktopia like other prominent metaverse initiatives provides a marketplace where users may purchase Blok real estate using an NFT process.

Blok token, Current price Blok token is trading at 3 cents down by 83.1% from the all-time high price of 17.83 cents. The cryptocurrency is up by 298.5% from its all-time low of 0.76 cents. And has a market cap of more than 250 million dollars.

Which metaverse project is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section below. With that said, we have reached the conclusion of our post.

I hope you enjoyed this article. If that’s the case, don’t forget to express your thoughts. So, till next time, take care and see you in the next post. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Disclaimer: Considering cryptocurrencies are inherently volatile, you should conduct thorough research or contact a financial expert before investing in any Metaverse crypto coin. This article is solely for educational and informational purposes.

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