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The Solana platform has recently grown in prominence as more crypto fans look into it as a possible alternative to the Ethereum blockchain. After Ethereum if there is one blockchain with a booming ecosystem, it is Solana. Therefore, it is important to discuss the top projects that are building on its ecosystem.

Solana has its own cryptocurrency, SOL, and is one of the greatest blockchains for game development due to its incredible transaction speed of more than 50,000.

Let’s discuss talk about top five projects that hold massive potential on the Solana blockchain. Starting at number five, we have YOUR Crypto project.

YOUR Crypto Project

YOUR aims to connect users with big eCommerce companies and metaverses like Alibaba, Flipkart, and Amazon, and on the Metaverse side we have Decentraland, Pavia, and Sandbox. Now all these companies have something called the product listing.

Therefore, they need content every time, and in order to list content, they need a good platform that can supply it. YOUR is that platform. Any user can become a content creator and convert their content into an NFT which they can load on its marketplace, which is your buy, and further, they can sell this content to these corporate giants and earn your tokens.

That’s how it has a model called Contribute and Earn. Now this project has a token named Your Token. Your token has the following utilities:

 Earnings, Payment, Peer to peer transfer, Staking, and even Governance.

The project is already backed by 20 partners and investors that include Solanium Ventures, Gen Block, and then you have DAO Maker. So that’s why this project has a huge potential and that’s why it is on my list of top five NFT projects on Solana. This completes number five.

Nova Finance

At number four we have Nova Finance. Nova Finance is also a unique project. This project is built on the Solana blockchain and has the purpose to automate your earnings. Yes, it wants to manage your portfolio and allow the investor to gain maximum returns without doing anything.

Any investor without the knowledge of financial concepts can onboard its platform and earn massive returns because everything is driven by its automated system. It uses something called as nAssets which are synthetic assets that can be programmed to give you maximum returns. It holds a token name Nova Token which is allowed for community governance and further, it is used for staking rewards.

Partners like Solanium Ventures, Animoca Brand, and even Solana are some of its key investors and partners. After Nova Finance, the next project is Star Atlas. Powered by Unreal Engine 5.

Star Atlas

It is both a blockchain game and a metaverse This project is launched in the year 2021 and is anticipated to a full release that will take around five to eight years. Now, this project has a dual token economy which is Atlas and Polis tokens. Atlas is your in-game currency while Polis is your governance token.

The project is backed by again many investors and partners including the Animoca brand and many more. To know more about this project, you can always click on the link below and understand the whole concept of the game and how it will drive its ecosystem.

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That completes the details about Star Atlas which is at number three and on number two I have Solice Metaverse.

Solice Metaverse

Solice is the first VR metaverse that is built on the Solana blockchain. It has made a lot of news while selling its NFTs prior to its land sale which is about to go live as we speak. Solice has one token which is called SLC also called Solice Token which drives the in-game economy and its marketplace.

This project is something similar to Decentraland and Pavia tokens. It competes in the Metaverse space and holds a big potential therefore backed by key players which include three Arrow Capital and many other partners.

To know in-depth about Solice metaverse, you can always click on the link below and get all the details about the project has to offer, from the land sales, from pets to gemstones to even NFTs.

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Moreover, it is one of the projects that has gained a lot of traction prior to the sale of its tokens and that’s why the per token price of SLC has reached above the $4 mark just after the launch which has never been done by any other metaverse token.

There you can see the potential in the Solice Metaverse. And finally, the number one and my favorite project.


StepN is the first web of three apps that reward a healthy lifestyle. Based out in Australia and built on Solana blockchain, it is the first project that is built around the move to earn gaming concept. Yes, it rewards you every time you move, which means every time you walk, jog or run it will reward you with a set of tokens. You have to purchase its NFTs which are shown below.

Image Source: YouTube



These are the NFT sneakers, to be precise and by buying these sneakers you can be a part of this app and earn tokens. Again, it has a dual token economy which is GMT and GST tokens. The GST tokens are Green Satoshi tokens and GMT tokens are Green Metaverse tokens.

Every time you move, you will earn a GST token, and further the GMT token will be used as a governance token. For better knowledge, I encourage you to download this app which is available on Android and Apple devices.

You can download StepN and try it yourself to see how good the project is. Just like any other project, this project is also backed by a lot of investors and partners. The best part about this project is that project ranked number four on the list of 500 projects when competing in a hackathon, Solana hackathon in the year 2021. From here, you can estimate the potential this project has.

That completes the list of top five projects that are built on the Solana blockchain and hold a lot of potential in the near future. If you like the article share it with your friends do drop your comments and let me know what other projects you believe hold the highest potential, built on Solana blockchain.

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