Crypto Gaming Guilds: The Future of Play 2 Earn


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In a world where blockchain technology is revolutionizing sectors, crypto gaming is a hot topic right now. A Gaming Guild is a group of gamers who gather together to play video games and share information. 

Although the term ‘guild’ is commonly used in the gaming world, similar groupings can also be referred to as factions, communities, or clans.

In prior posts, I’ve covered the decentralized autonomous organization or DAO for short, along with GameFi which is decentralized gaming that combines DeFi and NFT’s. In this article, let’s take a close look at their cousin Gaming Guilds and how they’re working to change the world of blockchain-based gaming. 

What is the Gaming Guild? 

Gaming Guilds provide gamers with the necessary funds and tools to play in the world of play-to-earn games on the various blockchains. In exchange for helping gamers get set up to play, guilds receive a cut of the player’s earnings.

For example, buying land in Sandbox or a character in Axie Infinity can be expensive. Given the rise in the value of Axies and the game’s increased global popularity. This will mean that the cost to get an Axie could be too high for some players. Remember, this is a global game and income per capita varies greatly across the world. 

How does a Gaming Guild hope to transform crypto gaming? 

Gaming Guild’s members are able to put up some of their future earnings towards renting in-game assets from the guild so that they can start playing the game without having to already put up a ton of Ethereum or other tokens in order to buy their first in-game NFTs, just to get started.

In concept, this is similar to the staking of a poker player, or even renting equipment to play another traditional game. Just like you might rent shoes in a bowling alley. For serious gamers out there, you already know that Gaming Guilds are not new. 

PC games like World of Warcraft and many others have had guilds since the 1990s. Historically though, Gaming Guilds were typically an in-game association of player characters. 

If you use World of Warcraft, as an example, World of Warcraft guilds are formed to make grouping and raiding in the game easier and more rewarding, as well as a form of the social atmosphere in which you can enjoy the game with your specific group or guild. 

Additionally, in the World of Warcraft example, they have banking guilds, which you can use to increase your bank or storage of in-game assets. 

In contrast to the World of Warcraft, since crypto games are NFT’s, the characters and the items can actually be owned by the guild and the players directly versus traditional game publishers merely allowing users to pool characters as a permission activity, which could be revoked. 

A key aspect of Gaming Guilds is that they have sprung up from different gaming communities to support gamers in a permissionless way. And by this, I mean that the gaming company does not have a say to determine whether or not the guild is allowed based on any sort of standard or terms of conditions. 

Gaming Guilds are organically community developed. In the World of Warcraft example, The guild is tied to that game, and thus, if the game loses popularity over time or just fades away then so does the guild. 

Contrasting that in the crypto context, Gaming Guilds do not rise and fall with the game. Instead, Gaming Guilds and crypto are generally structured to become platforms for new players to take part.

Also, if you compare Gaming Guilds here with Gaming Guilds of the past, the video game companies themselves had to allow the guilds to operate in their universe under their terms of service, just like any other centralized platform. 

Gaming Guilds and Parteners
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Compared with the world of crypto, guilds are, as I say, organically sprung up and they do not have outside limits placed on the extent to which the Guild can grow, change or expand over time. 

Let me know what you think about Gaming Guilds, GameFi, and those organic communities that are springing up across the crypto ecosystem. If you’re a gamer, let me know what your current favorite crypto game or upcoming game is. And I’ll do a review of the crypto game that you can post in the comments below.

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