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Internet Computer Coin
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The Internet Computer is a third-generation decentralized Blockchain system that will allow for unrestricted smart contract computations and the creation of decentralized applications (dapps). 

The internet has replaced oxygen and water as the third most important commodity. Without access to the Internet, it may be practically impossible to survive. 

As a result, it’s essential for you and me to recognize that the internet of today is not decentralized, meaning that it’s controlled by a small number of people.

As a result, to address this problem, we have a new project called Internet Computer, which aims to return control of the internet to the user. In today’s post, I’ll discuss the  Past, Present, and Future of Internet Computer and the ICP token, as well as how it plans on returning internet control to users. So let’s start….

What is an Internet Computer?

As I mentioned above the Internet is the largest computer network in the world. Internet Computer describes itself as a third-generation blockchain capable of smart contract computations and the development of DAPPs.

It was launched by DFINITY, a swiss based nonprofitable foundation started in 2016 by  Dominic Williams and now employees over 200 top developers, researchers, and operators. The organization has raised over $200 million in multiple financing rounds to encourage internet computer research (ICP).

He now has a vision in mind, which is to liberate the internet from corporate control. As can be seen, whoever owns the servers also owns the Internet. The Internet belongs to the person who owns the software.

For example, if you want to publish your own program on Google Android, can you do so without asking for approval? You can’t.

You must have Google’s authorization. After that, if Google agrees to publish it, you can only publish it on Android or, say, Apple iOS.

Imagine an Internet where you could freely publish your app or browse any material without having to expose your identity.

The ICP team wants to return control of the internet to users, taking it away from companies like Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, and Alphabet, which owns Google.

What is an ICP coin?

So ICP Coin is the Internet Computer’s native currency. Like other coins, such as Cardano, Solana is similar to these coins. On the Internet Computer blockchain, it works similarly. At the moment, there are 470,000,000 ICP tokens in circulation. 

The main three key purposes of ICP coin are

  • It can be used for governance
  • Pay the gas fee

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Harmony ONE Coin | Price Prediction and details

Harmony One Coin

You’ve probably heard the tale about the turtle and the rabbit. Because of its consistent efforts, a turtle wins the race. The Harmony ONE coin is one such turtle in the blockchain race.

It has risen steadily into the top 65 coins by market capitalization, indicating a consistent increase in value. It was also one of the best performers this year.


Proficiency Post is delighted to welcome you. In today’s article, I’ll give you an in-depth analysis of Harmony ONE Coin, including its benefits and downsides, as well as a price prediction.


Let’s get started with the article’s main points:


  1. What is a Harmony coin
  2. What is the Mechanism of Harmony

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Binance coin & its Ecosystem | Should you invest or not

Binance Coin
Credit: Google Pic

If you’re new to cryptocurrencies or a cryptocurrency investor, you’ve probably heard about Binance, and today I’m going to talk about its native token, Binance coin BNB.

Proficiency Post is pleased to welcome you. I’ll walk you through its use case, how it works when it’s created, and how to predict its price.

If you are a reader and want to understand more about cryptocurrencies before I begin, you can always read my cryptocurrency articles. So, without further giving too much away, let’s get started.

I’ll present a list of the topics I’ll be covering in this article. So, here’s the overview. 

  1. What is Binance?  
  2. What is the Binance Coin? 

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