Top Crypto Gaming Altcoins in 2022

The top ten crypto gaming currencies will be discussed in this post. The epidemic is partly to blame for the gaming industry’s quick growth trajectory. 

As a result of advancements in PC and mobile gaming, there has been a considerable growth in interest in cryptocurrencies in the gaming industry.

Despite the fact that Bitcoin is one of the most well-known cryptocurrencies, there are many others that are less well-known. Despite this, since 2017, cryptocurrencies have been used in the gaming industry and have their own market.

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CryptoKitties was the very first cryptocurrency game. There are various games that employ cryptocurrencies these days, some of them focus solely on Bitcoin, while others use a variety of different cryptocurrencies. 

In the gaming business, crypto gaming refers to the use of Blockchain or digital currency for betting or playing online games. 

Gaming coins and crypto have the potential to completely revolutionize the gaming economy and given their current popularity, they have the potential to do so.

Cryptocurrencies generated more than $150 billion in revenue worldwide in 2019, according to some estimates, and might reach $180 billion by 2021.

Dedicated gamers all around the world are already using cryptocurrencies to make deals much easier and improve their overall experience. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular gaming crypto. 

Number 10. Enjin (ENJ) 

Enjin is a decentralized platform with an ERC20 token. Virtual goods can be managed, exchanged, traded, and distributed using this system. 

It is one of the first simple-to-use top gaming cryptocurrencies, giving content creators and gamers a new method to hold virtual property. 

Gamers can trade their assets in the online game, increasing the worth of their digital wallet as they play. Enjin, one of the largest online gaming communities, is the driving force behind Enjin Coin. 

Enjin is a free and flexible platform for developing, integrating, and scaling tokenized gaming assets. ENJ and Microsoft recently announced a partnership to bring Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to Minecraft. 

ENJ was originally created by the Enjin Networkteam specifically for Minecraft players. Players could use the network to build observers and trade online. 

ENJ is currently in a strong bull trend, with a year-to-date gain of almost 3,000 percent. The Enjin Coin team has written contracts that allow game developers to make their generated products tradeable. 

Here are a few examples of games that already use Enjin Coin technology: 

Forest Knight, Bitcoin Hodler, War of Crypto, Age of Rust,9 Lives Arena, and ReBounce are just a few of the games available. 

Forest Knight

Number 9. Game Credits (GAME) 

Game Credits began as a nascent digital currency in the gaming industry. The goal was to create a safe, stable, and intuitive platform to replace current in-game purchasing choices and to help gaming creators grow the $100 billion industry by accelerating the use of digital currency. 

This was a project designed by the gaming industry for the gaming industry. It functions similarly to Litecoin prior to that wit, albeit with some improvements in terms of gaming. 

The co-founders, Nebojsa Maksimovic (nicknamedNele) and Aleksandar Mihajlovic (Alex) are committed to developing a blockchain-based-game monetization platform for the gaming industry hassle-free payments. 

The game will be useful for gamers who are unfamiliar with blockchain technology. It will give the e-sports business a fluid means of exchange, as well as a user-friendly experience for individuals who want to develop. 

It is a digital cryptocurrency that may be used to purchase in-game stuff. It also allows creators and gamers to be paid. Game Credits has also considered PC gamers and has increased the number of cryptocurrency deposit possibilities. 

Number 8. MobileGo

MobileGo is another popular gaming cryptocurrency that is used in over 500 browser-based games that are all free to play. 

It’s a decentralized cryptocurrency blockchain platform based on Ethereum smart contract technology. MobileGo (MGO) is a spin-off of GameCredits, which was created with the goal of improving the gaming business. 

One of the advantages of this platform is that it allows players to exercise complete control without the need for dedicated mobile apps. MGO can be used to purchase in-game items and upgrade to premium game versions. 

MGO is generally used to purchase in-game items that enhance the gaming experience, as well as upgrade or premium game versions. 

It has a lot of promise and could become quite popular in the near future. This is a popular gaming cryptocurrency that can be used in a variety of games such as Baldur’s Gate, 55 Street, Black Shot Global, and others. 

MGO is a decentralized smart token that may be used to conduct tournaments for tens of millions of competitive gamers all over the world. Mobile Go raised $53 million in a crowd-funded ICT, making it the second-largest at the time. 

Number 7. Ethelbert (EBIT) 

Ethelbert is a new cryptocurrency that may be used to bet with no house edge in games. Ethelbert is the first Ethereum based dicing game and Ethereum smart contracts that are decentralized, peer-to-peer, and newly built. 

Ethbet’s own token, EBIT, is an Ethereum-based(ERC20) token, which means it’ll work with all major wallets and exchanges. 

Ethelbert is changing the virtual gambling industry by being one of the first to accept peer-to-peer betting, which allows gamers to compete against one another without paying a middleman commission. 

During a 2017 crowd sale, Ethbet received a significant sum of money, the majority of which was used to strengthen the platform, including further web and application development and third-party contract security assessments. 

For the players, this is a profitable concept because they may earn bigger returns than on any other platform. 

Number 6. Decentraland 

This is another coin that runs the virtual world of games on the Ethereum blockchain. It gives gamers the ability to create 3D things that may be shown and sold. 

There are some parallels with Second Life, a virtual world where people can construct objects but not erase them. MANA’s mission is to facilitate the selling of land (name of the virtual land). 

This coin is used by the creators to swap or trade 3D things. Decentraland is not yet completely functional, but it will be accessible for users in the following months. 

Decentraland is partnering with Atari (ATRI)and Decentral Games (DG) to introduce an in-world casino to the Decentraland network, according to crypto specialist Austin Arnold. 

This will assist in bringing popular Atari game features to consumers who can play using the ATRI, DG, or DAI stable coins. 

Number 5. LOOM

The cryptocurrency of the Loom Network is a DPoS (Delegated Proof of Stake) side chain designed to improve the pace of games on the there UM  network. 

Loom Network is an Ethereum Layer 2 scalability solution. It’s a network of DPoS sidechains that enables highly-scalable games and user-facing DApps while maintaining Ethereum’s security. 

This is from the designers of the digital CCG Zombie Battleground and the web instructional Crypto Zombies. 

The distinction with LOOM is that it is a gaming platform money rather than a currency used in the game itself. 

It was built with the goal of resolving scalability issue that was causing developers problems, as well as improving the overall user experience. 

Number 4. Ionomy (Ion) 

Ionomy is used in Ionomy platform games (ION). Offroad Heat is the title of the game that is now accessible. This is a racing game for trucks. CryptoGravity, an action shooting game that is currently being developed, will also use Ionomy. 

Three other games that will utilize ION are being prepared in the near future: Ionix, UrbanWords, and The Moon. The ION can also be won in Ionomy’s weekly events, which are open to all of its players. 

The number of players is steadily increasing as the games get more popular. The value of ION will eventually rise as a result of this. 

Number 3. Theta Token (THETA) 

With its cryptocurrency concept, Theta Tokenaims to revolutionize the online gaming business in the same manner that YouTube did in 2005 with traditional video. 

By providing a decentralized streaming mode as well as a bandwidth consumption sharing model based on Token Theta, the Theta tokens are intended to become the top video platform on the Blockchain. 

This strategy attempts to unite and benefit all participants throughout the world, regardless of their internet connection quality or cost. As more and more interaction with the audience occurs through streaming platforms, the gaming business has transformed. 

In this regard, Theta Token is a viable option in the gaming business. SilverTV, which has over a million members and is quickly expanding, is the main distribution channel for Theta cryptocurrency. If the current trend continues, the Theta token could become one of the most popular gaming cryptocurrencies in the future year. 

Number 2. Gala Games (Gala coin)

Gala Games is a platform that develops a variety of blockchain-powered games, each of which grants players actual ownership of their in-game objects through the use of non-fungible tokens. 

Gala Games

Gala Games is based in San Francisco, California(NFTs). It was one of the first platforms to enter the play-to-earn market when it launched in 2020, offering players GALA tokens for participating in their selection of games. 

Number 1. DreamTeam Token DREAM

This is a little riskier gamble than EnjinCoin and Theta Token because it is quite as valuable as the other two cryptocurrencies. 

The DreamTeam Token concept is basically an infrastructure platform with an e-sport and gaming payment gateway. As a result, in the coming years, this will be one of the most promising cryptocurrencies in the esports sector. 

Alexander Kokhanovskyy, who has 20 years of esports expertise, is a guarantee of the project’s seriousness. 

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