Glassnode Report: 

Crypto bear Market (2022) Worst in history

Over the past three years, the price of bitcoin has typically fallen from highs; the most recent top was reached just seven months ago

With inflation rising and recession worries escalating over the past three months, bitcoin has fallen from a high of $48,000 to approximately $20,000

Many investors had sincere concerns that the cryptocurrency asset class wouldn't recover from its 2017 highs

The overleveraged cryptocurrency ecosystem is under extreme pressure from inflation, and Bitcoin has never before traded below its previous cycle all time highs

Markets have experienced a "large proportion" unrealized loss for the first time in history, leaving all 2021–22 investors in the loss

According to blockchain analytics company Glassnode, as this economic hardship intensifies, many investors are selling up their cryptos, locking in historic realised losses

Bear market lows have historically been reached in 2019–20 with BTC drawdowns of between 76% and 85 % from the ATH and lasting 260 days

Many experts have compared the present cryptocurrency market to the dot-com bubble also

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