Crypto market have massive corrections in the last two months, with the market cap of  falling  $1 trillion, down from $3 trillion in November of last year

Crypto users may have to wait for the global stock markets to rebound before seeing a recovery in the crypto markets, given the current situation

After a weekend in which the crypto market lost more than $200 billion and U.S. crypto lender Celsius Network banned all withdrawals

While this isn't quite as bad as the 2018 crash, when Bitcoin lost 80% of its value, experts warn that things could become worse for anyone still holding BTC

Financial markets around the world have seen a sharp drop as the consumer price index showed the biggest inflation since 1981

The Federal Reserve has been putting pressure on the crypto market by raising interest rates to combat inflation in recent months

While some analysts believe the cryptocurrency markets will revive in the next months, Others believe that investor scepticism will persist for the near future

According to Oleg Giberstein, use the buy-on-dip strategy, buy BTC or ETH every month, and don't be too concerned about what happens to prices over the next two years

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