The cryptocurrency market is unpredictable, with prices that rise and fall all the time. Numerous unexpected and unfortunate incidents occurred over the past few months

Many investors are unsure if it is a good idea to trade or invest in the cryptocurrency market right now or whether they should wait for the next dip

This is due to the fact that the blockchain's underlying technology is thought to be highly innovative and to have a lot of potential

Main causes of the crash:

1. Inflation  2. The invasion of Ukraine by Russia  3. Countries like China have banned cryptocurrency...

How to Profit From Crypto Crashes

 1) Buy on Dip - buying in dips in strong fundamental coins is good strategey

HOLD Cryptos

2) Buying crypto currencies and holding on to them for a long term investment

Bitcoin Shorting

Many exchanges provide traders with the possibility to earn very higher return by using shorting strategies

Exiting to Fiat Currencies

When cryptocurrency markets collapse, many crypto experts advise switching to fiat money

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