The Terra ecosystem is gearing for a relaunch after this month’s spectacular collapse that led to over $40 billion in losses

As a result, the current LUNA token has fallen to $0.00020, a surprising drop given that it was traded at $120 just a few months ago

Terra relaunch

Terra's recovery strategy is made up of numerous key elements. The goal of this revitalization will be to maintain the strong community that existed prior to the collapse

After six months, these crypto investors will receive the new Terra 2.0 coins, according to the revival plan

To beginning, the present Terra will be renamed Terra Classic, and its token will be called LUNC

Terra and LUNA will be the names of the new blockchain and token, respectively

As a result, the Terra 2.0 is likely to fill in the holes that were in the previous version

Terra has lower transaction costs and is using DeFi techniques to develop a more solid infrastructure

Due to its strong brand naming, we cannot rule out a situation where Terra price bounces back in the near term

For  long term, next ten years, the Terra Luna 2 price forecast is bullish

To know more about Terra Luna 2.0, and its future investment predictions, check out our updated article link below