The Luna coin, which was once worth more than $100, is now only worth a fraction of a Cent

The Terra network's native tokens, Luna and Terra (UST), are both blockchain-based projects developed by Terra Labs in South Korea

The crash impacted Bitcoin and other major crypto currencies, and the market has yet to recover

What caused Luna's downfall?

The Terra network had stopped working properly, which caused the crash

The value of the UST began to fall after it lost its tie to the US dollar. There has been no official comment on why this occurred.

Will Luna recover?

The only way for Luna's value to recover to even near its pre-crash levels would be to burn large amounts of supply

Do Kwon, the founder of Terraform Labs, developed a "Terra Ecosystem Revival Plan" that he shared on the Terra Community Forum

The whole Terra blockchain will be reset, according to Kwon's 'Revival Plan,' with network ownership going wholly to UST and LUNA holders via 1 billion new tokens

Still Many crypto experts consider LUNA to be an appealing cryptocurrency since it has a lot of potential as a medium of trade and payment

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