Stories and pictures that our imaginations conjure up while we sleep are known as dreams. They can be funny, romantic, distressing, and frightful


Everyone is believed to dream between three and six times each night, even though we may not remember them

The human brain functions in three different states: sleeping, waking up, and dreaming, each dream is said to last anywhere from five to twenty minutes

Although blind people also dream, their dreams feature more senses components than those of sighted persons

Nightmares are frightening dreams that impact the dreamer with a variety of disturbing emotions. Fear and anxiety are frequent reactions to a nightmare

About 90 minutes after you go to sleep, Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep often begins. When we sleep, our eyes move quickly, which is a sign of REM sleep

In REM your heart, blood pressure, and respiration speed up when your eyes dart around and your brain activity increases

A lucid dream happens when someone is asleep but conscious of their dreaming. A person can control their dream's content while in this stage

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