What is BitShiba Coin? Is this Coin will be the next Shiba Killer?


BitShiba Coin
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A Meme Coin with a lot of Potential

If you missed out on Shiba Inu and Doge coins, I’m going to share a coin with you in this article that can easily provide you a 10x profit in the near future.

What is the reason for recommending this coin? How much will it profit and when will it profit? When do you think you’ll be able to get in? When should you exit? All of this will be revealed in this post. So, read the entire article all the way to the conclusion.

The altcoin I’m writing to is a meme coin. Despite its status as a meme coin, this coin has a lot of potentials. Let me explain to you the reasons.  

The first and most important reason is that the community owns 100% of the tokens. There are no tokens on the team. There are no tokens in the hands of the developers. No tokens have been given to anyone through allocation. The community owns 100% of the tokens.

How does it control?

So, let me tell you that 50% of the tokens are burned on intentionally. On the desk, 50% of the tokens are locked as liquidity. And, if I’m talking about the locked liquidity of 50% tokens, it’s set to expire in 2099.

As a result, you may expect these 50% tokens to be locked for many years to come.

It has been launched in a completely fair manner. Their smart contract has already been audited and approved. And, if I’m talking about this one coin, it’s also known as the Shiba Inu killer.

BitShiba is the name of the altcoin about which I’ve been talking. Who has made significant progress in a short period of time?

It is mostly a community-based project. BitShiba’s community was mostly involved with the projects. Ryoshi Group is the creator. The cryptocurrency market is exploding with this coin. BitShiba’s source is SHIBA, which can be found on the Binance Smart Chain.

BitShiba Overview

If I consider the number of holders in recent times, this coin has around 26000. As you might imagine, there are a lot of individuals holding this one coin at the same time.

BitShiba appears to have a lot of possibilities. A lot of things have been planned for the future. And this is one of them, which they will soon be able to list on any centralized exchange.

They also just conducted a poll on their Twitter handle to determine which exchange BitShiba should be listed on. The KuCoin exchange received the most votes. So it’s possible that we’ll see this coin on the KuCoin market very soon.

And I believe that we will get significant benefits from this coin in the future. BitShiba will be available on PancackSwap, Apeswap, and LATOKEN exchanges for the time being. Those who love meme coins will enjoy this coin tremendously.

BitShiba Market
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Shiba Inu Killer is another name for this coin. Do your own research on this coin, and let me know what you think in the comments area. This coin, in my opinion, has the potential to provide you with significant future gains.

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